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Luxury Dog Clothes Boutique

We are all about dressing up dogs of all sizes, either in fun costumes or functional yet fashionable dog clothing. At the Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog clothes boutique you’ll find a full range of designer dog shirts, coats, and sweaters, to add comfort, warmth and style into your pets life.

Many Wonderful Styles

With so many wonderful styles to chose from, you'll quickly realize the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to dress up your dog. We love to provide pet owners with a variety of options so your pet sparkles and shines. Whether they are king or queen of the dog park or the talk of the neighborhood, there is a perfect apparel in store for them. Want your pet to look his or her best? Make your style choice when you shop today!

We are proud of the collection of designer dog clothing we have assembled because they fill so many needs for so many different pet owners. If you are hoping to achieve a formal look for your pet, you can do so with ease. On the other hand, if you are looking for something with a cute graphic or catchy phrase, you’ll find plenty of options like that here as well.

Treat Your Pet To Luxury

Having a fabulous pet that's the envy of its peers and the subject of all the chatter is only moments away when you make a selection from our luxury dog clothes boutique. In addition to our great selection we believe you will be happy with our prices and impressed with our impeccable service. Let’s work together to make sure your pet is looking great both around the house and out on the town. Thank you for shopping apparel at Chic Sassy Pets!