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Designer Dog Crate Covers & Pads

Why settle for a boring dog crate? While a basic dog crate offers little in the way of style, a Chic Sassy Pets designer dog crate covers and pads can bring an otherwise boring and dull crate or corner of your home to life. Whether you are looking for a handsome cover for the outside, a comfortable pad for the inside, or both, we have what you need. With a great cover and crate pad in place, your dog will have a secluded hideaway to relax in style.

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Comfort, Function & Style

In addition to offering a great look to the outside of the crate, a quality dog crate cover can help your pet feel comfortable and protected. Rather than being open to the rest of the room, the crate will be comfortably enclosed, creating your dog’s own personal space to relax. Make sure your pet feels comfortable in the new environment once the cover has been added. With such a wide selection to consider, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to find a color or design that is perfectly matched to your taste.

Adding on-trend dog crate accessories can improve the look of your home as well. What may have previously been just a functional piece of equipment or an eyesore can now be a fashion statement. With a variety of luxury dog crate covers and designer crate mattresses in a full range of colors, designs, and styles, your pet will enjoy a secluded hideaway and you will love the new stylish look in your home.

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