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Designer Dog Dresses

Whether it's a night out on the town with your pooch or a fun play date at the dog park, Chic Sassy Pets has a dress for any occasion. Our dress shop boasts a full range of designer dog dresses that are sure to impress at your next red carpet worthy event.

Designer Dog Dresses

We know that a well clad pooch in a designer dog dress may not be an everyday occurrence for most. In fact, most occasions will not be appropriate for some of the designer dog dresses that you'll find here at Chic Sassy Pets. However, when those big occasions arise you can rest assure we'll have just the outfit you need to make your pup look spectacular.

Picking The Perfect Dress

A big part of picking out the right dog dress is selecting one that features the perfect color. Depending on the color of your dog’s fur, you’ll probably want to favor one specific shade over another. Maybe something bright like a pink or yellow, or maybe a quieter tone like a brown or blue? The bottom line is, the world is your oyster. Choose the right designer dog dress and you can look forward to receiving many compliments throughout your upcoming event!

At Chic Sassy Pets, we love dogs—and we love helping dogs look their best. With our collection of dresses, we hope to help your pet look fabulous no matter what the occasion. Thanks for shopping! We look forward to serving you soon!