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Organic & Gourmet Dog Treats

At Chic Sassy Pets our dogs only eat the best healthy dog treats containing natural and organic ingredients. Whether given during training or simply because your pooch is the absolute best companion ever, our sumptuous and delectable gourmet dog treats are simply the best for your pampered pets.
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Give Them A Real Treat

How do you reward your dog for being a good boy or girl? With a treat, of course! And not just any treat, but a savory, mouth watering, delicious, natural and organic treat from our Chic Sassy Pets gourmet dog treats boutique. We are what we eat, and that applies to our treats. Make the right healthy selection and your pup is sure to keep asking for more.

Quality You Can Rely On

As more and more people become increasingly concerned about what they put into their bodies, we are increasingly concerned about what we are feeding our pets as well. As an informed pet parent, Chic Sassy Pets not only cares about the types of treats we give our pets but also the types and kinds of quality healthy ingredients they contain. Our focus is on carrying high-quality products that you can feel great about giving your dog as a well-deserved reward, quality you can rely on.

Thank you for shopping at Chic Sassy Pets and for ordering our gourmet dog treats. Take a moment to browse our other products, we're certain you'll find something in addition your pet will love.