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Designer Dog Toys

We fully appreciate the importance of play sessions and toys to our pets wellbeing. Toys make the world go round, they make it bounce, roll and soar. They're objects that inspire play, enrich training, ease boredom and curb problem behaviors. Our selection of designer dog toys are durable, expertly designed and crafted in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for long lasting hours of fun for your pet.
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What Dogs Do Best

Dogs love to play, and like most dog owners we love playtime just as much as our furry friends, because we get to see them have fun and run wild. Our designer dog toys will allow your pup to have countless hours of endless fun and do what dogs do best. Be the bearer of great fun for an unsuspecting pup or simply add to your collection of dog toys. We also invite you to visit our dog lovers corner where you too can join in on the fun with items selected exclusively for you.

Style & Function

Selecting a designer dog toy is all about finding one that is ideal for your particular pup. Chic Sassy Pets carries only the best quality luxury dog toys that are not only stylish but functional because we believe our pets deserve the very best. Made from safe quality materials and built to last, each toy will create countless memories you won't want to forget. So why wait, lets make tomorrows memories today, shop now!